2013 has been a good year for Solid Engineering. The opening of the Singapore headquarters (the third in Asia) and new projects in the Swiss and German markets have further extended the process of internationalization of the company.

Meanwhile, Solid Engineering’s offices in Madrid and Sri Lanka have experienced a year of hard work and consolidation.

The projects have not stopped at any time. In fact, in August it was possible to see on the web the curious news of “open for holidays”, due to the large workload of the company.

All this aggrandizement has been translated into a 50% increase of the company’s staff during 2013. New additions of different departments that made the Barcelona offices expand in summer to accommodate new equipment.

The effort has paid off. In 2013 Solid Engineering has achieved new customers, has overcome new challenges and its turnover has increased 30% compared to the previous year.

The commitment to innovation, constant work and, above all, the team has allowed the company to finish 2013 with optimistic figures that encourage everyone to continue working day by day with enthusiasm.