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Toni Laserna, our 4.0 Industry Expert

Who is Toni Laserna?


  • Electronic Industrial Engineering and Industrial Organization Engineering at the UPC
  • MBA at the Universitat Ramon Llull


  • Now: Digital Transformation in the Industry expert and andviser


  • Restless
  • Nonconformist
  • Visionary
  • Proactive
  • Resolutive
  • Entrepreneur

In my professional career I’ve always been in management positions in engineering, consulting, and in industrial sectors such as automotive or aeronautics among others. I’ve founded several startups and spinoffs throughout my career” Toni tells us, “Reconciling professional and entrepreneurial activity with teaching, as an associate professor in different grades and postgraduate courses in subjects such as Digital Manufacturing, Engineering and Process Simulation among others”.

Now I’m working in multiple personal and third-party business projects, advising companies as an industry 4.0 specialist, to define strategic plans for the company to face the new digital era”.

Experience as a entrepreneur

With Laserna’s know-how has, we wanted to hear about his experience as an entrepreneur in such a competitive working world. “You learn based on mistakes. It is true that I already came with experience in several sectors, but it’s different when you start from scratch. If it’s in your DNA, you enjoy it a lot, but you have to be very aware of the effort and the impact that it will have on you”.

The digital transformation and its importance

Going into the 4.0 Industry, we wanted to know your personal definition of what digital transformation is. “I start to think that everyone has their OWN definition according to their environment. It is a fourth industrial revolution, which leads to disruptive changes and in this case innovations based on technology”.

“As a company, the goal is to last over time and leave a print, a purpose. Companies that do not adapt, will become obsolete and die”, says Toni about how important it’s for today’s business to adapt to the new industrial revolution.

Companies don’t evolve all in block, each one goes at its own pace. “There is no magic recipe, each company is different and needs different ingredients to get on the train of technology. After 5 years we will be in the consolidation phase of Industry 4.0, many current companies will have disappeared, and others that are not taking the new digital era in the manufacturing industry seriously, will be dying in the final phase of their cycle of lifetime. Others, who come from the analog era and have adapted even by devotion, will be enjoying a new youth. And logically there will be many new companies that will be born already digital natives” ends Toni Laserna, expert in digital transformation.

About Toni Laserna:



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