Mantente al día de las últimas noticias de BETWEEN Technology, conoce las novedades antes que nadie y mantente alerta ante el mercado laboral tecnológico. Somos una empresa activa tanto interna como externamente, involucrada y concienciada con las necesidades de nuestros clientes y trabajadores.

BETWEEN’s technical knowledge and technological know-how are key for offering the best solutions to each business

Álvaro León, BETWEEN’s Business Unit Director in Madrid, tells us in this interview about professional aspects of this business unit, its situation, or the challenges he’s planning to take in the future. In addition, Álvaro explains in detail what differentiates BETWEEN from other players in the IT and engineering technological market.


  • As Madrid’s Business Unit, how have you experienced the development of such unit?

When I landed in BETWEEN last year, the first need was to make up a new team. After analysing the initial situation, we realised it was not about changing everything and starting from scratch, but about keeping those things that worked well and, at the same time, improve other things in order to consolidate the business unit in 2018 and 2019, when we are expecting an important growth.


  • At a personal level, which challenges has your new position in an office like BETWEEN Madrid supposed to you?

From the very beginning I took over the position with excitement and responsibility because of the great opportunity it meant to me and because of the growth possibilities that this Business Unit has, both in IT and engineering areas. The creation of the new team has been a challenge for all of us, as well as the fact of establishing working methodologies adapted to BETWEEN’s vision and, in particular, to Madrid and to the centre and south of Spain’s market. We could say that, currently, we have a consolidated team which is starting to work at full capacity.


  • What can BETWEEN offer to the technological market (engineering and IT) in the Community of Madrid?

BETWEEN wants and can be the best technological partner for those companies who need to tackle their projects with quality and deadline guarantee, providing high-reliability technical support services, both from the client’s premises and from our technical offices. We have detected that many companies have trouble recruiting technological talent, and with our experience in the sector and our technical/technological know-how, we are capable of meeting their needs. In addition, in many cases these needs can be tackled by our own Technological Solutions teams (Technical Offices).

  • What are Madrid’s BU goals?

BETWEEN’s Business Unit in Madrid was opened in 2012 and, with the passage of time, it has been acquiring importance. Even so, after consolidating the team, the goal is to potentiate the activity, not only in Madrid, but in the different sites. The idea is that, in the long term, the centre and north of Spain keep on gaining ground within the company. With regard to the development of the unit, we have set as our aim an annual growth of the 15%, and I think it is something we can achieve.


  • What differentiates BETWEEN from the rest of players in this market?

One of our distinguishing factors is that count on technicians with training and experience in the technological sector, both in engineering and IT. This technical background allows us to understand perfectly the needs of each of our clients. The combination of technical knowledge plus the company’s know-how, with more than 20 years of experience in the technological market, is key for being able to offer the solution that better fits each business’ needs.

Likewise, another characteristic I would like to point out, and which differentiates us from the rest, is that we provide comprehensive services, in other words, we are capable of putting at our partners’ disposal technological projects covering different technical branches.

Furthermore, we are specialists in attracting talent for all kinds of technological projects, taking special care of providing personalised and friendly attention to our candidates. For us, it’s a win-win: the candidate finds a project which he/she is passionate about and, at the same time, the company finds the talent required for reaching its goals. We have developed very well standardised procedures, always with a close vision and without forgetting about the flexibility for interacting with our partner in the most possible agile way.


  • Which plans come into scene for the company in Madrid in 2019?

For 2019 our goal is to keep on entering into new sectors within the IT world, and even though we have noticeably grown in the engineering branch throughout 2018, another of our aims is to increase our activity in the industrial and aeronautical areas. In 2019 we would like to talk about consolidation in capital letters, as well as about sustained growth with regard to the number of partners in the Community of Madrid. In conclusion, and after two years of transition, we hope to grow with the team working at full capacity.





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