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5 Advantages of Outsourcing in the Technology Sector

Have you heard about outsourcing? Do you know how it can help your company? In this post we’ll explain what it is, all the advantages that outsourcing can offer you and why it’s the latest trend among companies that want to cut costs and gain efficiency.

What is outsourcing?


Outsourcing is a practice in which one company pays another company to carry out certain business processes that they specialise in. The objective is to work more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Thus, the company that takes advantage of the outsourcing services can instead focus on its business’s strategy, while specialists in certain areas carry out specific projects for them.

In fact, right now, the outsourcing of certain services is a much more common practice than we think. In an era where almost everything is digital, and everything else is undergoing a digital transformation, having external specialists who can carry out certain tasks that have flourished with new technologies is essential. With this solution, you will optimise the management of your business resources and processes.

At BETWEEN, with our Outsourcing and Consulting service, we mobilise resources and integrate ourselves into our clients’ structures, providing support for the company’s day-to-day activities. This integration is done with our best technological talent, enabling our various partners to achieve their objectives. We therefore have professionals who have been specially trained and have experience in the engineering and IT world to attract talent for all kinds of projects, while being very careful with how we interact with our candidates. The goal is for our clients to have the right technicians for their projects and that, at the same time, the professional can embark on a job experience that they are truly passionate about.

Why have specialists in the sector opted for outsourcing?


One problem that all companies in need of technological profiles must face is the growing lack of this exact type of talent. The answer is simple. The demand for these profiles is greater than what is offered in the market, it’s just that simple. The occupancy rate for this type of professional is 96.3%, meaning that, in general, these people are not actively looking for a job, but are willing to listen to other job offers if the project motivates them. However, this talent will think twice before changing jobs as other factors unrelated to monetary retribution are beginning to gain more importance. Nevertheless, salaries are increasing at an unstoppable rate, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who are willing to commit themselves in the long term. From the point of view of companies, the need stems from two factors: the development that companies are experiencing and the tertiarisation of the economy, which is increasingly focused on services and the digitalisation of companies. Therefore, when your company requires this type of profile, you need to have experts in the sector who can provide the best talent.

Advantages of outsourcing with BETWEEN


1. The best technicians

Having technicians who work with us with training and experience in the technology sector means we have a technical background that allows us to perfectly understand the needs of the client. Tandem technical knowledge plus the company’s know-how is key to offering the solution that best suits each business need. This combination allows us to offer the technical profile that best fits the requirements of each project and, above all, that fits into the culture of the company.

2. Better performance

If you make the decision to collaborate with a specialist company, your work will be done more automatically, shortening the time needed to complete projects. In addition, at BETWEEN, we help our technicians to offer the best version of themselves through monthly monitoring and semi-annual interviews to evaluate their evolution.

3. Cost savings

Paying for an outsourcing service reduces the cost of having an open vacancy, thus increasing productivity and, above all, potential revenue. In addition, a specialised company in the sector has the expertise required to improve the quality of the talent that is provided for the projects. In this way, the costs associated with staff rotation are also reduced. Likewise, at BETWEEN, we offer added benefits such as substitute technicians who cover periods of leave and holidays, which guarantees both the continuity of the service and the business’s productivity.

4. Risk minimisation

In most cases, outsourcing comes with the guarantee that if the specific profile doesn’t meet your expectations, a replacement will be found at no extra charge. Thus, if the person who was brought on for the project decides to leave the company in the short term, the company that offers the outsourcing service will start a new search, bearing all or most of the costs.

5. Satisfied clients and successfully-completed projects

In order to use outsourcing services, it is essential that you have a trusted partner to work with, your ideal travel buddy. And by that we mean an external talent provider who is able to guide the client. Through their suggestions, they can help to define key aspects of the search and to design a strategy focused on solving the challenges that the company may manifest. At BETWEEN, we continuously monitor the service to make sure it is operating correctly, with monthly visits and periodic service assessment surveys. It is vital for us to know our clients’ opinions first-hand in order to continue improving together and, most importantly, to meet their expectations when it comes to the service and the relationships between partners.

Outsourcing with BETWEEN, one step further

After more than 20 years in the technology sector, one of the suggestions from our various partners was to have the best technology talent, but always under the supervision of the project itself. Following this idea, we have taken the idea of outsourcing one step further, and now talk about “Managed Services” in our portfolio of services. This concept is a way of executing projects where we create a team that is managed by a “Lead”, and where we direct projects either from the client’s offices or from our own office independently, with a single contact person for the project. This way, the project’s Lead can supervise work times and the execution of the project in order to transfer the information to our client’s manager in a dynamic and streamlined way.

We should point out that the technical teams that participate in this service are always well-versed in the latest technologies, receiving training on how to incorporate and use them. In addition, “managed services” offer our partners a lot of flexibility when it comes to carrying out developments, either from our facilities or by integrating our structure within the R&D department, if required by IT.

We have implemented this methodology with several clients where we already had many technical resources, and the result has been positive, gaining in productivity and efficiency. With this new service, we are able to cover the project’s entire life cycle in order to offer our partners a 360-degree experience.




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