BETWEEN Rally has put an end to the season after having competed in 4 races of the Classic Vehicles Catalan Cup (XVII Nocturnal Classic Rally, XIV Clàssic dels Volcans, 9th edition of the Boucle du Vallespir Rousillon). The latest was the 13th Volta a Osona Clàssic Rally, where the town of Manlleu welcomed the 82 teams of cars and 6 participating motorcycle teams. With a distance of 326 kilometres, the race was divided into four sections, with 11 specialties competing.



“A good race to close the season with”

The BETWEEN team (Xavier and Jordi) faced the last race of the season with great enthusiasm, and luck was on their side. “On this occasion, we didn’t have any technical problems or any setbacks, everything went smoothly, and we enjoyed the route. A good race to close the season with”, said Xavier Téllez.

Even so, the mixture of adverse weather with a lot of rain and some fog, and the mythical sections of the Cup, made the fun turn to fear at several points in different sections. “Not wanting to chance it, we chose not to be risky and instead we were much more conservative, we avoided ending up with our bumper in the ditch like some of our other peers”, said Xavier Téllez.




Result of the 8th edition of the Classic Vehicles Catalan Cup 


The great comeback, starring Juan Pedro Garcia and Sergi Giralt, allowed them to take third place and first place in the Youngtimers category. First place in the Historic category and second in Scrtax were Lluis Palli and Guillemos Buscarons with Mini Cooper. While Josep Bassas and Carles Basart were the winners of the rally and the Classics category. Jordi Martí and Xavier Tibau were once again the best among the motorcycles. With this race, the 8th edition of the Classic Vehicles Catalan Cup came to an end.

For Xavier Téllez, he explains that “this year we’ve learned that the bar keeps getting set higher and higher every year, people take this competition very seriously and train hard to receive the least penalties”. Offering a complete picture of the season, Xavier summarises that “it was positive, considering the fact that we had a drop out in the 2nd race, we’re happy with 6th place overall in the Youngtimers category”. 


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